12/05/15 10:28PM

Everyone who came here for the tentacle monster mention raise your.. hand?

6/30/15 9:19PM

Look, folks. Startups are risky. There’s no guarantee that the founders, who may be utterly brilliant at injection molding or telecommunications billing or esoteric market analysis (or not at all brilliant, for that matter), but that doesn’t mean they know how to run a business. If you absolutely need a steady income, Read more

6/08/15 9:19AM

I still think Vice City was the best game in the series. It was funny, dark, the missions were awesome, money actually felt important, each area felt unique, the story was fun, the music was excellent and added to the overall Miami Beach feel, and most importantly the voice cast was ridiculously amazing! Ray Liotta? Read more

4/06/15 10:59PM

The horror... the horror!

3/26/15 2:34PM

If he has superior android strength, why couldn't Data just have broken down the door?

2/07/15 7:25PM

Probably not the people playing murder or violence simulators, but I'm sure there is a niche group of people or they wouldn't make them at all, but I'm sure there is a little cross over.

12/31/14 4:29PM

We'll let you out when we get 10,000 retweets.

12/29/14 6:53PM

Yes, but then they became something and learned what it was to be alive. Going back to nothing doesn't seem fun, despite our extensive background in it.