Mar 8

Everyone involved in this has forgotten the golden rule: never tweet. 

Feb 22

putting the volume and ac controls on a stupid ass screen. 

Feb 22

General idiotproofing, most notably associated with a loud “BEEP” that can’t be disabled. Every time I open my door - and I do mean - every time, I get this reminder:

Feb 10

Reasonable price for a collectable old pony car, so I tickled the NP button. If it checks out on inspection, I’d buy it.
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Jan 27

I feel like this has been an issue for a LOT of games - Ubisoft games specifically, but also gaming in general, everything from Horizon Zero Dawn to latter-day BioWare - and I generally pin the blame on Skyrim, if inadvertently. Lot a lot of things in gaming, it felt like other developers looked at Skyrim, said ‘oh, Read more

Dec 22

There are very few of these for sale in the country. This one is in good shape and right in the middle of what early-to-mid-00s ones are going for. Miles are low and I personally like the color and have always kinda wanted a Maser. Read more

Nov 6

If only they would have pepper sprayed him without justification like so many of the protesters, we would have hit peak irony.

Nov 2

Lol. That article/clip had basically zero evidence of any violent acts. Just some warranted yelling to remind these racists MAGA morons who they are supporting.  Try again.

Nov 2

They are basically a less organized version of the SA. They are doing everything the SA did before 1933, just without a proper command structure and brown shirts.

Nov 2

And our lovely president stoked the fires even more. This is how sad America has become. Pathetic.

Nov 2

The Impala is the Cadillac of the rental counter. It’s a damn shame Chevy killed it, as it’s a competent vehicle that really is a looker/handler/road milage eater.

Nov 2

Ditto. I’ve already voted and done my part. I have no control over what happens next. People are going to continue being who they are no matter the outcomes, so I’m just staying in my lane.