May 18 2015

Frankly I couldn’t care less if that wing does anything at all. It provides a modicum of up force in my pants.

Aug 6 2014

Dad now wants to get a different kind of Rocky Mountain high.

Aug 5 2014

Haha! Can you do my headlines in the future? I can't pay you much, but I have a sister who makes $1555 an hour on the web...

Aug 5 2014

At least that thing started life as a Corvette. The Alfa nose and badges on a Mazda just rub me the wrong way. I'm fine with custom cars, but why not design something unique?

Jul 31 2014

Look at that, we just figured out how to create world peace, bumper cars. Though the lack of Russian bunnies or people does scare me.

Jul 30 2014

I would like some of that implanted discretely somewhere on my body so I dont sweat in church.

Jul 29 2014

Whitenoise is Gizmodo. ObservationDeck is io9. I know who some of the moderators are there, but the policy there was (and presumably is still) to request authorship in any of the roll call posts. Read more

Jul 27 2014

cause anything happen when the midnight crew is running the show

Jul 26 2014

race is getting back underway, only global feed I know about. Everything else out there is geo locked. Read more