Oct 6 2017

Casey Stoner was “gone fishing” when he retired from MotoGP. Ben Spies opened a restaurant here in Dallas.

Sep 26 2017

I like lexus’s new design. Let’s be honest if it had a Lamborghini logo on it you would jerk off to it.

May 23 2017

Having to hold still for a while wasn’t a problem for Fernando.

Feb 1 2017

If you’ve ever driven a Ferrari V12, you would not utter these words.

Nov 21 2016

We’re going to make McLaren great again! It’s going to be huge. Huge!

Sep 7 2016

I think their point is that there really isn’t one. The concept of a “gold standard” in this space is problematic. There are numerous phones that produce comparable (or better) photos that may be better or worse slightly on specific metrics. Read more

Jul 28 2016

Fucking hell, ENOUGH already with this “viral marketing” bullshit, trying to make the movie seem “controversial” so people will be interested in seeing it.

Dec 14 2015

How can something which has never lived truly be alive? But alas, what does it actually mean ‘to live’? Does a 996 not feel pain when its IMS bearings fail, resulting in catastrophic engine failure? Does an All Road not suffer from indignity when driving around on a sagging suspension, forcing its owner to commute to Read more