Off topic but I think Scottish mums and American midwestern moms are sharing parenting tips and philosophies.“You’re not dead? See, you’re fine.” Read more

For me, that brings up the question of if it’s the bungalows, the Northwest side, or Chicago? Read more

No - this was Chicago. I kind of thought about not giving the location but enough people have asked, and enough people live in Chicago that shouldn’t ID anyone involved. Read more

I'm glad she was OK!  This was seriously frightening as an adult so I can only imagine as a kid. Read more

Can you ever watch too many haunting shows? Read more

I was not really familiar with that and now I regret looking it up! Read more

I’m reading along, thinking this is quite scary, and get to: Read more

See reply below. Or above? This comment system never cooperates. Read more

The way I said that oversold the others - the rest are all mundane stuff like the car accident that totaled my car or the time my kid had to spend the night at the hospital for normal human medical stuff. (Kid was fine by the next day.) Read more

Not only is this spooky - I now really want to visit Croatia in the summer.  Not for the scary stuff.  It just sounds like an amazing place to visit. Read more

That may have oversold the other four - they’re all stuff like the time I was in an accident and totaled my car or having to stay at the hospital is scary. No spooky stuff, I promise! Read more

Someone pointed out to me this needs a title so I’ll go with: Read more

Jim as a Buffy in disguise is just the best thing I’ve heard all day. If this was proposed to him I just picture him being like, “Slaying? Are you serious? I have to do the taxes, mow the lawn, and the Cubs play this afternoon. Screw slaying, I’m busy." Read more

I'll take that as a compliment.  :) Read more

I regret I couldn’t get more information from him at some point. He was really one those people who’s seen and done it all so they now live in a constant mellow state (at least on the surface) but that night he was intense. I’ve always wondered - how did he make it all stop? Read more

This is definitely in the top 5 scary things that have happened to me! Read more

I still go back to it periodically as if running through the story will help me figure it out. So far, it hasn’t. Read more

Back in the early 2000s I moved in with a now ex-boyfriend. He lived in a bungalow style house in one of the neighborhoods of a large midwestern city. This happened when I was taking a personal day from work after moving in to finish getting things arranged and unpacked. Read more