Meg Neal
10/22/15 12:45PM

We’re definitely going to do more synth stuff on Synth site would be amazing tho

10/12/15 11:07AM

Thanks for being here to chat Sara. Honestly I’m really curious about the question you tease in the intro to this post - why that one person you barely know keeps showing up in your News Feed when your old friends rarely seem to appear.

6/02/15 1:57PM

Hi Jamie thanks for being here! What do you think is the most common public misconception about the darknet?

5/20/15 2:41PM

Hi Neal, thanks so much for joining us! Two questions. Which of the books you’ve written is your personal favorite? And on a different note, what would you like to see differently about how the tech and science media covers the future?

5/07/15 12:19PM

Hi Martin thank you for joining us! I feel like we hear quite a bit about the jobs robots are making obsolete, what about the new jobs being created? What are some examples we don’t hear about much in the press?

4/28/15 1:05PM

Great to know, and thank you for joining us today!

4/28/15 12:35PM

I want to know about bringing used furniture or books into the house - terrible idea? Are there certain materials that are “safe” and others to make sure to avoid?

3/24/15 6:20PM

So nerdily. The families in my neighborhood held a medieval-themed party in a cabin at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire. We all dressed up and everything. Because if the world ended at least we'd be safe on a remote mountaintop in medieval garb? I was 17...

3/19/15 12:16PM

This is awesome thanks for being here. Did you 3d print any random useless stuff for FUN? What's the biggest misconception you think people having about life on the ISS?

11/13/14 1:55PM

I chatted to what I thought was a friend that I had a huge crush on a coworker, jasper, but accidentally chatted jasper :/

11/10/14 6:06PM

The FCC proposed rules that would kill aspects of net neutrality protection, so that article was encouraging people tell the FCC those rules are crap. Because net neutrality is a Good Thing.