Nov 9 2017

While there are certainly profit driven reasons why a game with loot boxes would not want to be classified as “gambling” the reality is that while they share certain characteristics with gambling and may tap into the same psychologies as gambling does, loot boxes do not meet the strict legal definition of gambling. Read more

Nov 9 2017

Haha, yup. You keep up that tough guy façade. It does a lot of good. You remind us reformed liberals of where not to fall again. You are affirming that those of us who the left and the right have pushed toward the middle made the right decision. By pushing the idiotic “all Trump voters are bigots” mentality, and Read more

Nov 1 2017

Where do I not acknowledge they exist? Are you completely unable to make an argument without attacking someone as a racist? Ok CNNatron.

The post I was replying to acts like VR headset makers didn’t care about minorities because the headsets were too expensive. When in reality it was just that, reality. The equipment Read more

Oct 31 2017

I’d go further and call this cynical. I think the author understands that there is a very good chance, and its very reasonable to expect, that this was just poor phrasing. There’s this wing of “liberal” (read: not liberal in the slightest) thought that seeks to cut everyone and any one down and decry them as the enemy Read more

Oct 31 2017

there are more white people and white poor people exist, but a larger percentage of black people are poor. go back and relearn basic ass mathematics and percentage Read more

Oct 18 2017

Oh, this happens to me all the time, too. A few years ago I spoke to my father about something he made me do (not sexual or harmful, just a scary physical swimming challenge) when I was very young, and he vehemently denied that anything like that and would never do that to a young girl. Yeah—he may not remember it Read more

Sep 21 2017

“These things are not equivalent. Piracy can still be a major problem, even in the absence of a measurable impact on the sales of media. For example, the entirely false perception of rampant piracy can have adverse effects on the likelihood of individuals to offer works to the marketplace in the first instance.” Read more

Sep 13 2017

No no no. You start callin everyone a white supremacist, all you gonna have is white supremacists dude. Chill out for a sec, and just relax. I do agree though, the left has been taking advantage of minorities forever, but they keep voting Democrat...

Sep 13 2017

If you think racism is dead, police across the country do a fantastic job and definitely don’t target people, or that voter suppression is an issue we still face today, then you’re a white supremacist Read more

Jul 31 2017

Again I feel like a lot of this interpretation is simply looking for a message you wish to be found. Read more

Jul 21 2017

There is plenty of evidence linking Trump and his people to Russia, the country that recently attempted to undermine the US Presidential election and very well may have changed the outcome with its meddling. Read more

Jul 20 2017

There are people who choose to get offended where no offense was intended and there are those that have matured to look the other way when clowns want attention or mentally unstable people do odd things. As a gay black man, I could really give a shit about “appropriation” or every other term your beloved blogs have Read more

Jul 11 2017

I don’t think she’s a victim. I just think you are looking for things to be angry about. You have to actually try, to let that bother you. Read more

May 31 2017

After reading back some more, I realize my explanation is mostly irrelevant to the individual in the story because, if I’m parsing things correctly, she doesn’t have any of the organs that can get PID. I stand by the general point that a pelvic exam for a woman in the ED with UTI-ish symptoms isn’t outrageous, but the Read more

May 19 2017

They didn’t point out anything. They saddled someone with their family’s past, mistook them for royalty because they’re a reactionary jackass, and then made up something about an actress trying to fool Asian people because reasons.

So fuck off maybe. You’re as utterly bizarre as they are.