Parasite-Style Basement Apartments Will be Banned Read more

Clearly they’re trying.  Clearly there’s a lot of money behind this as the production values look excellent.  But as much of a fan as I am of the original trilogy of films, this just looks like a big, fat MEH. Read more

Starlink is not beaming wifi they are beaming satellite signal to customers that will offer wifi to their customers Read more

Sorry, but I disagree. The fact you believe men only can be toxic, just for being men, and this woman can’t be toxic, manipulative or violent, just for the fact she is a woman, it’s the worse case of mysoginy. Read more

She is vilified not because she is ‘not perfect’ or that because she ‘misspoke because it was painful’, but because it was proven that she has repeatedly lied and manipulated many people around her. And, what is even more important, it was clearly shown before the court that she abused him as well. For crying out Read more

Huh.  Weird how the FIA changed the rules to make Mercedes less competitive last year and then bent the rules to ensure Hamilton didn’t win the championship.  But yeah, they’ll definitely bend the rules to favor Merc. Read more

(1) Great moves by “Victim #1" Chris Rock for teaming up with “Victim #2", Dave Chappelle, both lawn care raking in bigger ticket sales and trash bagging more lucrative stand up comedy routine paydays. Read more

Yep, mental illness is the reason for all the mass shootings recently ... the entire Republican party/cult is mentally ill with a severe case of gun-nut-ism. Read more

Hey, Mercedes! I’m in the greys for some reason. I’ve been around awhile so...huh. Can you spare a little help maybe? Read more

You can switch to the Sky Sports feed (hit OK on your Roku which pulls up the list of video feeds, select International) - not that they are particularly great but the F1 TV crew is pretty abysmal. Read more

Yeah I know. You might hear jokes you don’t like!   Read more

I’m more surprised this isn’t standard practice. If everyone knows that a certain design is working the best and it is within the rules to use those design elements, why wouldn’t you take them (other than spending limits)? It’s like some football team trying to patent a certain play because they ran it first in the Read more

Legends of Tomorrow started well but then quickly became TRASH, Everyone is history cant be Gay and all the extra Drama just to have Drama is just lazy writing. No story or no reason just Plot points to lead to gasp Drama and Fights, and oh yeah this person was Gay aswell. Read more

And a lot of Women are into that they Marry and become Mistress to guys like that. Read more

Love that you included a shot from Another Life. Humanity sends the best people they have into space to save the planet and the crew immediately mutinies because the second in command got his fee fees hurt he wasn’t made captain. Whoever crewed the ship also decided that people with obvious personality disorders had Read more

Man, I hope you’re getting paid for this.
Read more

The Doctor to me is encompass in one word, RUN. What type of Doctor will he be, the last 2 have been to me so weak and not grand almost a side character to the companions and the problems they face. The Doctor should have grand speeches, be amazing, they should illuminate and dazzle (almost like a great stage actor Read more

All of Netflix’s competitors are more junior. They haven’t been around as long, and they’re still growing and adding subscribers. Netflix has 200M subscribers. Hulu has 40M subscribers. Apple+ has 20M. Guess which companies have an easier time adding new subscribers? Unfortunately, in today’s market GROWTH is the only Read more

On the face of it, using standard assumptions about what vehicles compete with what other vehicles, your statement makes absolutely no sense. The Q4 etron should not compete with a small pickup. But it does, because man, this whole EV platform game is shaking things up a bit. I love that we’re getting into an era Read more

What i find funny is I have never cared about loyalty one console over the other. So I have always bought they all. hmm problem solved. and that way no fuss no muss no coconuts. Read more