Sep 18

they really didn’t like the main character, Vaan,

Sep 1

Yeah! It’s maybe a little overworked and esoteric (not to mention inappropriate for the occasion), but it isn’t a cacophony. It comes across like a couple of guys who have been studying music and attempting to write the perfect song for 25 years, but just aren’t nailing it. I liked that they didn’t go for the easy Read more

Aug 26

I feel like it’s important to make a distinction between something “not being something you should feel ashamed about” and something “being okay to feel shame about”. You should, absolutely, feel a certain level of shame for paying for intimacy. The shame is natural, and acts as a motivator to get you into a healthier Read more

Aug 10

They have..

Assassins Creed Liberation was exactly that.  Shame how people always forget that game even exists.

Jul 18

The best fake station doesn’t even play music. Nothing will ever top GTA III’s Chatterbox. Why? Because life does not have a reset button, everyone knows women are made of sand, Freddy needs a nanny, citizens are raging against phones, the manliest game ever is rugy hopscotch, and Freddy still needs a nanny.

Jul 17

it’s why I love and hate RPGs because unless I make a concerted effort I probably won’t finish them (love being in my 30s) but starting from the beginning is always a rough feeling... good luck with Witcher 3! and sorry for the loss of your hard drive :-/

Jul 15

I hope it comes with some sort of slide-wheel anti-piracy device too.

Jun 25

The titles are still in English but written in Arabic letters, like how the Japanese use katakana to write English names. If he had literally translated the titles, Doom would have been something like: الموت Read more

May 26

Loved Honey & Clover. The ending doesn’t give a damn about the tropes or living up to the audience’s expectations. So it’s a bit more like the romances you actually had when you were young, rather than a storybook.

May 22

This and the bit where you jump out of a heli and take over an enemy penthouse with Power playing in the background are still great in 2020. 

Mar 25

I found Kuuga extremely dull; even once I realized I could accelerate the video, it still felt slow-paced. In retrospect, it was kind of a last gasp of Showa-era storytelling, with a solitary Rider battling an evil society using enhancements incorporated into his body, albeit with the addition of regular armor/weapon Read more

Feb 14

I saw it a bit differently. We start out by showing a vast desert. At the center, a giant industrial metropolis. The plants are dying, but everyone still goes about their business. A giant reactor flares up — scary, really — and the children, who probably have never known otherwise, take watch. Later that night, a Read more

Oct 15 2019

You mean the latest masterpiece of fantasy storytelling from Lucasfilms™ Brian Moriarty™? Why it’s an extraordinary adventure with an interface of magic, stunning high-resolution, 3D landscapes, sophisticated score and musical effects. Not to mention the detailed animation and special effects, elegant point ‘n’ click Read more

Aug 21 2019

Doesn’t he know? The real treasure is the friends he made along the way.