Mitch Connor
6/18/20 11:20PM

sigh. Those engines are only alike in terms of displacement and fuel type. Tipo 015 flat 12s powered 312Ts, which are Formula One cars. The F106 family of V8s, on the other hand, did not power any F1 cars, at least not in the 1970s. It is in fact a derivative of the Dino V6. Flat 12 engines have a large footprint and Read more

6/12/20 12:19AM

I could almost buy that this ad just ‘slipped through’ and had no racist intent except for this:

1/02/19 2:28PM

I’ve recently taken to light-painting diecast. Granted I do everything in one long exposure like 25-30 seconds. Also my ISO is around 300. Lower and I’d be increasing the exposure time even more... you can only light paint for so long.