Jun 16 2019

It was supposed to be a cute and fun put Keanu in games type contest, but I compared John Wick’s story to DooM’s, and I had to see it to the end.

Mar 8 2018

I can very easily understand the White House’s disgust with those gaming clips. Read more

Sep 26 2017

It looks like a car-themed bum fight. I’ll certainly be tuning in!

Aug 9 2017

How do you make this slime? I’m asking for a friend.

Apr 30 2017

I would only wear those if they had them. I don’t care about the females in mp but I love the idea of seeing a giant flaming penis every time I die lol

Apr 30 2017

I can solve this. Make a special piece of eyewear in the game that makes female soldiers in multiplayer appear as males to the player wearing them. To balance things out, players wearing these . . . we’ll call them Cock Goggles . . . players wearing Cock Goggles appear as giant flaming penises to everyone else.

Apr 27 2017

I don’t think she’s any type of official, so I wouldn’t call it censorship. Me telling some guy to shut up or else is one thing, a government official or officer of the law telling someone to shut up or else is another.

Dec 19 2016

Sounds like the other team didn’t know how to counter pick.

Nov 3 2016

Right. Whoever Cecelia is she clearly never played and still hasn’t played Skyrim on PC, with or without the unofficial patches and/or mods. Welcome to everyday occurrences in Skyrim, CECELIA...🙄

Nov 2 2016

They had a few notable game breaking bugs, which is actually why deving for PC sucks. The wide number of variables makes stuff show up on hardware they didn’t try or at least didn’t test in that specific configuration.

Nov 2 2016

I didn’t buy it yet, because Bethesda, but I had hoped that they were re-releasing it because the power of the new systems would make it easier to run it as originally intended with LESS of this crap. I’m glad I held off.