At 15, if he was luring underage girls to perform sex acts on himself and adults, he is also a victim of sexual exploitation by those adults. No matter how much he enjoyed himself or how eager he was to take part. Read more

Yeh, just reading how he speaks? He’s a fuckin stupid young kid. He should be punished, obviously, but not to the extent of a 27 year old. No way.

Plenty of people come back from being shithead 15 year olds. With the right guidance. Read more

I am not sure I can look entirely past his age here. It’s fully possible that he’s been groomed and used by two adults to act as a lure on their behalf, whether he realizes that or not. Read more

Removing all of the other reasons why this is bad, I don’t think it even makes sense from a business perspective. Men’s soccer may be the breadwinner right now, but Women’s soccer has a much more obvious growth trajectory. Read more

I’m sure this is in the comments somewhere, but Planned Parenthood is on option on Amazon Smile. A portion of the proceeds of all your Amazon purchases goes to the organization of your choice. It's not much, but every little bit helps! Read more

They reopened hours fucking god. there is so much morally and not to mention hygienically wrong with that I don’t even know where to begin! Do they really value the lives of their employees that little? When I was growing up there was a restaurant that was robbed in front of a room full of customers. Read more

You could build an entire house out of all that straw. Read more

This is the danger to American society, rather than whatever ‘the terrorists’ could dish out. Hourly, we kill each other and continue to fight for the right to kill one another over the most trivial of disputes. Read more

Edit: careful how you approach every individual white American male, because you may do something he doesnt agree with and he could shoot you while defending his freedom and beliefs. Read more

“Practice your attitude” = “Women and black people should remember how to speak when talking to their betters.” Read more

That woman was just doing her job and enforcing policy. No one should be afraid they will get shot for doing their job and worry someone is going to pull a gun on them because they had an attitude.
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This is our version of normal now—it’s on us to “carefully approach” every single person we come in contact with because they may shoot us. Read more

Well, it's ok, because he's not a Syrian refugee. That's the real threat right there! Read more

Jesus Fucking Christ, the dude they got a quote from in the story: Read more


I am from North America and I have no idea what “sponge toffee” is. I do tend to think of honeycomb as the whole thing, including the waxy part, but I would assume honeycomb ice cream is just honey-flavored. Maybe you’re right and it’s actually toffee-flavored. One thing everyone should be able to grok is it’s not Read more

Sorry to hear that! Hope you land on your feet too! Read more

What, so people who don’t like fish can drown the taste in ketchup and horseradish? Read more

Number 22 is me! Which BCO did that get into?! I thought it never got published, let alone made the best of!
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Thank you for this special edition BCO and all the stories you brought to us! I’ll be following over to the Wonkette cause it’s not Monday until it’s Pinkham time!
Your loss Gawker...... nee-ner-nee-ner! Read more