Jul 30

I just think men are programmed to like women’s high-voices breathily orgasming into a mic. You know what good singing is and you know what it ain’t.

Aug 9 2019

Somehow this gaffe machine is considered the SAFE choice to take on Trump. Can someone please explain that to me?

J/k it’s because he’s a white dude, I know that. 

Dec 26 2018

In the Midwest, they have something similar looking called a “hot dish”. I guess it only seems fair that in Atlanta, they would call this a “hot mess”.

Dec 21 2018

i love that Jay is doing this. But let’s be honest. Travis was put up on this by an old heavy handed Pimp named Kris. Everybody, I mean everybody, that she sends out to make that money, hits the stroll. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye joins him for a Sunken Place All star reveal. 

Dec 2 2018

Waiting for the day when I never see an image of this rainbow snow cone tattooed rapist clown face again, the filthy piece of shit. All the punches forever.

Oct 30 2018

Nicki is around the same age now as when Lil Kim was beefing with her a little over a decade ago. It’s the circle of pettiness and lace fronts.

Sep 1 2018

I’m too old to be learning new acronyms for a group with 30+ years in the game. I’m either going to call them New Edition or Air Bnb because that’s what that acronym looks like.

Aug 13 2018

Personally I miss Waldenbooks

Aug 2 2018

Ahh, I see that Becky With the Busted Lip was unaware of the “Talk Shit, Get Hit” clause in subsection A, Paragraph 3 of The Wypipo’s Guide to Not Getting Your Ass Whooped, in which it clearly explained that “talking shit” does indeed include the snatching of things, which includes both edges and protest signs.

Jun 22 2018

I still think its the ultimate hypocrisy how many Trump supporters champion her while degrading Michelle Obama. Saying shit like “finally, a First Lady with class”. Michelle Obama was Ivy League educated and that still wasnt enough. Melania Trump is literally the antithesis of everything the mostly White racist Read more

Jun 8 2018

I’ve struggled with this sort of bitterness for years. I have admittedly been able to charm my way into a lot of great opportunities. In the same token, there’s a lot of people who will outright dismiss my ideas until they’re brought up by someone who is better at presenting them or who they just straight up want to Read more