Mar 25 2016

Good. I always hated the “star in a reasonably priced car” segment. Very rarely did they have cool guests, instead featuring some vapid celebrity fuckwit I couldn’t give two shits about, blathering on about how little they know or care about cars. Read more

Feb 15 2016

29,000 pounds of force is what its going to take to pry my ass out of these jammies and into work today.

Nov 26 2015

Why does Dodge get so much praise for taking their fat, unsophisticated boat and throwing an excessively large supercharger in it? People will probably hate me for saying that...

Nov 23 2015

Seriously? That stupid GT-r LM made a list of best race cars of 2015? What a joke. A car that debuted without sufficient testing, embarrassed itself, and faded back into the background. Who cares that it’s “thinking outside the box”, it didn’t work and is a flawed approach to begin with.

Nov 18 2015

Let me get this straight. You are concerned with reliability, so your plan is to buy a 1st year production ALFA ROMEO?

Nov 18 2015

Yup. Sold. 100% getting a Giulia as my next car. Don’t care which one, I’ll get the most powerful one I can afford by then. 276 to the rear wheels is plenty enough for me if I can have 3 pedals.

Nov 6 2015

Sikhs carry a ceremonial knife, the Kirpan, to symbolize their (very literal) fight for survival in the early years of the religion, against violence by Mughals. It represents the duty of each Sikh to defend themselves and all others from oppression, with violence if (but only if) necessary.

Nov 5 2015

Can we immortalize this in bronze and use it as a trophy topper for next years Jalopnik Film Awards?