3/07/17 1:36PM

The video game industry is healthier with more competitors, not fewer. Unless everyone just converges to PC, we’re all better off with Nintendo making hardware.

2/27/17 12:42AM

I’m guessing (I don’t know the La La Land dudes) that the bald fellow who broke the news over the mic was the above-mentioned Jordan Horowitz?

I’ve never seen him before but I admire how he was serious as a heart attack about this. He wasn’t having any jokes, he was not putting up with any confusion, and he fucking Read more

2/08/17 2:27PM

However, since it is old-school and requires a link cable, you can beat the shit out of the person on the spot.

6/24/15 9:54PM

With Future Shop closed, I was worried we wouldn't get much of a E3 sale this year. I was very happy that Amazon stepped up!

6/24/15 9:35PM

Haha, was thinking the same thing. That’s the only reason why I’ve pre-ordered last year and this year. Even if I cancel my pre-order it’s better to do it with every possible game I might want and save that discount... because we don’t pay anything until it ships! Read more

4/10/15 2:29PM

As far as memes go, we have some great original ones, like the Banderas gif that made it all the way to the top of gaming culture when the fine folks at Naughty Dog referenced it in a Last of Us clip last year, but my consistent favorites are the gifs created by our very own Sunhilegend. He’s made front page of Reddit Read more

3/11/15 4:06PM

In case anyone is wondering, it's going to be $39.99, dub only. Yes, there will be both physical and digital release.

2/24/15 12:06AM

I have a theory about people who become wildly successful/famous on the level that Steve has achieved: their relationship with their past, pre-fame and success, is an either or proposition. Either they embrace it. Or they shed it like a snake sheds its skin, leaving it in the middle of the road, to dry up and blow Read more