Apr 14 2017

I watched both and preferred the dub over the sub this time for two main reasons: so I could spend my time looking at the pretty visuals instead of the text at the bottom of the screen, and because Radwimps redid all their songs in English for the dub. I love it when they go the extra mile like that.

Apr 7 2017

Oh my gosh. So glad I found this page. Goose house has been my favorite band for about two years now, and I can’t believe I never found this post earlier! So much has changed, too, since then. Thank you for making such a comprehensive collection of info! I love looking back and seeing how far they’ve come as a group - Read more

Apr 4 2017

Theres a really nice art book store I visit in Hongdae here and there. It has a lot of these video game books. They have a fair mix of English and Japanese ones. I almost picked up this and the two FFXIV books last month.

Mar 7 2017

The video game industry is healthier with more competitors, not fewer. Unless everyone just converges to PC, we’re all better off with Nintendo making hardware.

Feb 27 2017

I’m guessing (I don’t know the La La Land dudes) that the bald fellow who broke the news over the mic was the above-mentioned Jordan Horowitz?

I’ve never seen him before but I admire how he was serious as a heart attack about this. He wasn’t having any jokes, he was not putting up with any confusion, and he fucking Read more

Feb 22 2017

If you’re looking for the kind of sexuality on display in Kuzu in other romance anime, honestly there’s not much else that even compares. There’s very few romance anime that actually have their characters get together somewhere before the very last scene! Read more

Feb 15 2017

I don’t want to leave anyone out of this and also I’m sorry for being a day late to my favorite AniTAY holiday! So I’ve had a hard time socially for most of my life - I moved so much as a kid that I never had time to have childhood friends or a solid group. Adolescence and young adulthood were so fraught with issues Read more

Feb 15 2017

Hmm. Surprised to see I feature in some of these. I typically prefer to assume I’m unliked, it keeps life simpler. Still, as this is a thing: Read more

Feb 14 2017

I logged into my email to retrieve my burner password just to reply to this, so you know I care for all of you at AniTAY. I’m very grateful to this community for being such a positive force in my daily existence, helping me through some particularly rough patches, and also for being just a fantastic place to chat. Read more

Feb 14 2017

Wow. You guys know I’m such a wuss, I’m tearing up from the mentions, thank you so so much. As loud as I can be, I’m pretty awful at shout outs, so I want to try to do this right. You, AniTAY, as a whole, and individually (that goes for both our writers and readers) are constant inspiration for me to stay determined. Read more

Feb 14 2017

Proton: Yes we do need to finish NHK this week (and when we do get around to it, badger me about business cards). I also always enjoy the very-similar-yet-very-different thing. Thanks for watching stuff with me and putting up with random changes. Thanks for being the person I can talk to the most, and about the things Read more

Oct 14 2015

Take that Brian McCann you fat fuck.