Cherith Cutestory
Jul 23 2015

Since GM has finally become what was always destined to be (a place that only exists to talk about GM), I’m

Mar 6 2015

Q: When is killing your living prey in order to use its resources for your own benefit not hunting?

Jan 28 2015
Roundup Time

How is everyone's day? It is still cold and snowy here. So I'm going to round up the days events from my blanket

Oct 31 2014
JCO Tweets

She makes a good point. If affluent white men harassed women then wouldn't sexual harassment be a huge problem in

Sep 4 2014

Here is the Backtalk Roundup for Thursday September 4 served up to the best of my ability (lukewarm but with a lot

Aug 18 2014
Pudding Or Not Pudding?!

Where do you draw the line between Pudding and NotPudding?! What is worthy of our pudding loving attention? What

Jul 29 2014

So, I don't really read a lot of fantasy or sci-fi books. But I would like to read a little bit more in the genre.