Oct 31

Hey Oppo, it’s been a minute. I left a bit back for opposite talk (facebook group) and that got lame so I left that for Manual Elitist Jerks and then that got lame so now I’ve decided to circle back here. Just in time it would seem.... Read more

Jun 8 2017
Time for some new rubber

My ‘12 Kia Soul is at about 72k miles with the original tires and I’m getting ready to swap them out for something

Mar 25 2017

I got a whole bunch of new gear from my pops and decided to head out with my T2i and my new 80-200 f/4 ai-s lens and

Mar 20 2017

We went to downtown Cincinnati this weekend and got a nice room with a view. All I had on me was my iphone but I got

Dec 12 2016

At the end of FF8 they all get sucked though a time portal to 1903 and have to stage an elaborate robbery using

Nov 21 2016
Sunriser 400 stuff

In light of the good news that Ohio will be on the Rally America schedule I figured I’d share some stuff from the