3/06/20 8:33AM

Always, always, Fucking ALWAYS treat a gun as if it is loaded. A few friends of mine were bullshitting in a parking lot at a local bowling alley after drinking one night when they were messing around with an “unloaded” gun. Now my friend is dead.... This guy deserves his suspension and we should all hope that he has Read more

6/01/19 6:04PM

I see this what seems like every month. Another mass shooting, a bunch of talk about how things need to change, and nothing ever does. Read more

9/11/18 3:32PM

You know what’s really pissing me off now? The ignorant FB posts telling people to “calm down, stop making every hurricane a big deal. Y’all are blowing it out of proportion!!”. Tell that crap to the elderly, the sick, the handicap, those who have no one to look after them as their house floods.

9/11/18 9:27AM

I should clarify because on re-reading my post it seems confusing: on my return to Norfolk (because the cat and I evacuated to about 5 hours northwest), I hosted a powerless apartment (for two weeks, and I was one of the lucky ones), but one that had gas and running water, so all of my friends came by for showers and Read more

9/11/18 8:44AM

Same. I was living in Norfolk during Isabel and got to see my adopted home town (Poquoson) utterly destroyed on my return. I left the next year, for Indiana and eventually The Netherlands, and it’s still vaguely traumatic to watch it all unfold again. Florence is giving me Isabel vibes.

9/10/18 2:40PM

I’m from the Tidewater area of Virginia (southeastern) and we never get hit hard because the Outer Banks takes the hits for us but having grown up by the coast, in an area that is below sea level, I will never understand those who refuse to evacuate. Read more

9/05/18 8:29PM

I’m from the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach, in Scott Taylor’s district, and the cojones on this guy is unbelievable. His campaign did this illegal petition to get another Democrat on the ballot, who has her own scandals and wasn’t picked to be the party candidate. He then refused to acknowledge that him or his Read more

6/29/18 11:00AM

If you normally don’t do squats or similar exercises, scout where the bathroom stalls are that have handicap rails.  On the 2nd and 3rd day they will be...helpful.

5/22/18 11:42AM

“Baby, after considering all of the resumes and interviewing all of the candidates, I’d like to offer you this promotion.”

11/13/17 1:28PM

The oil patterns in professional tournaments are exponentially harder than what a person would find at their neighborhood alley for leagues. The general line of thinking is to take a local league bowler’s avg and then subtract 40 pins per game and you would get an approximate pro equivalent (i.e. 220 avg. league Read more

11/13/17 1:25PM

It’s the oil and the specific pattern. Volume of oil, length of oil, etc. The PBA patterns are completely different than what your normal recreational league bowler bowls on. I average 225-230 on a house shot, but on a sport pattern I’m more in the 190-200 range. It’s incredibly tough, and it really rewards Read more

11/13/17 1:03PM

Definitely not a real bowler, but I think the lane conditions are different for professional events.