Nov 26

Pete is no different than the other White liberals and conservatives who love to use Black people’s success against us. Read more

Oct 7

Yeah so... This is a silly stretch. Because while I absolutely agree that GG has a deep influence on how this sort of reactionary shit operates now, this isn’t GG. Read more

Oct 3

Also in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “when a Leafs player scores after quasi-exposing themselves/drunkly harrassing a woman, it is a complete redemption story”

Sep 24

In any system where there are people who make more than any thousand laborers and workers under them, and can escape with paying little more than what those laborers make, there is systemic injustice. A wealth tax such as the one Bernie proposes is literally the bare *minimum* necessary to even *begin* to redress the Read more

Sep 24

Amen, & a thousand hallelujahs to that sentiment!! After 54 yrs of voting Democrat, I give up!! Read more

Sep 1

Verlander is winning in life.  Multi-millionaire? Check. Future HoFer? Check. Champion? Check. Married to a goddess? Check check check check check.

Jul 2 2019

Canada is currently holding immigrants, including children, in concentration camps. In Canada, there is no limit to how long someone can be held in an immigrant concentration camp. Read more

Jun 12 2019

I like this story because in a way it’s uniquely American. It’s about sporting excellence, pride in your accomplishments and not even pretending to understand the concept of moderation.

Jun 6 2019

Venture capital is inherently a game of odds, where you get a lot of rich people with a lot of assets, pool those assets and throw them at 100 ideas you think MIGHT make money and knowing only one or two needs to be a hit. It isn’t about investing in the best tech or product, it’s about investing in something that may Read more

Jun 3 2019

I’ve seen a lot of hip checks, but that’s the first one that “made” a guy do the splits. He got bumped, flailed, and hurt himself.

May 8 2019

Meghan McCain is a stupid bigot but she is only following the leads of corrupt bigot politicians like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the rest. Fact is the whole reason Ilhan Omar is the target of these bigoted attacks is because corrupt Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer accepted a Read more