3/04/20 3:43PM

The finance guy at the place I bought my last car at was VERY unhappy that I had my own, better rate, financing already lined up.

3/03/20 10:51PM

Wow you kinda sound like them in that comment. I didn’t waste anyone’s time. I came in mid day on a Monday in a snow storm because they were on the way home for me. It was a fully staffed dealership without shit to do but talk to me, the only customer they had all day. I didn’t even ask for a test drive because I’ve Read more

2/19/20 2:40PM

I’d like to think my beer and weed intake are a selfless act on my part to promote the reusable “green” initiatives possible in the brewing and hemp industries. 

2/14/20 4:08PM

I do the 1:1:1 with the classic, but all my variations are more spirit heavy.

2/14/20 11:38AM

Wow! It’s Brett from the article. Thanks so much for picking me! Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. It was my birthday and I was busy spending time with family and trying to enjoy myself. It’s a rare day that goes by where I don’t jump on Jalopnik. But this turned out to be a pretty awesome birthday surprise. Read more

2/05/20 2:17PM

The whole “minivans are uncool” thing is ridiculous on it’s face. You ceased being a cool person when you had kids, buying a tarted up wagon with plastic wheel arches isn’t going to fool anyone. Just get the damn minivan, it’s the best tool for the job. Read more

1/22/20 6:54PM

I don’t like an overly loud restaurant, but usually when it does reach the level of me noticing the noise it’s because of the stupid “industrial” design ethos of all hard surfaces and open ceilings amplifying the sound. Would a few soft surfaces to help absorb some sound kill these people?

1/22/20 5:10PM

This is the only correct reply to this new rule. My wife works in the Disability industry, her company specifically sells products for people with low vision and blindness. Blind People with trained Seeing Eye dogs are hampered by people with fake service animals creating a bad image. People with disabilities have it Read more

1/18/20 9:29AM

Haha, I have the same problem. Why should I buy new socks like some kind of millionaire when mine only have one hole each!

1/13/20 2:26PM

I was swimming INSIDE that damn crater lake not two weeks ago. I’m seriously worried for the guys who gave us a tour on horseback into the crater; they live only an hour’s hike away from the crater lake.

1/12/20 11:27AM

Paulo Goncalves is witnessed. He shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome, to the gates of Valhalla.

8/14/19 12:29PM

This recipe sounds like some bullshit from the Pioneer Woman. “I love to serve ranch cacio e pepe to my family after the pretend to get back from a two month long cattle drive. They really love it with my flame broiled nacho cheesier dorito lobster thermador.