Mar 31

Nice to know that during this time of unprecedented global unrest and tragedy that Republicans can still find time to be utter pieces of trash.

Feb 25

Good thing she wasn’t a black kid armed with a bag of skittles. Or a black guy talking on his deadly weapon cell phone while standing in his own backyard. Or a black guy sitting on his couch in his own apartment holding an assault style remote control watching his TV.

Dec 1

Oy, folks: I always said I’d never do one of these posts, but I’m nothing if I’m not a hypocrite.

I’m out.

Nothing to do with this community, and everything to do with the fact that I’ve hung too much of my sense of self on being a “voice” around here for way, way too long.

I don’t actually have my burner code, so once I Read more

Nov 12 2019

Shutting down the only dedicated politics website in your portfolio right before the 2020 election, one of the most consequential of our lifetime, kicks into high gear. Essentially shutting down the second-most highly trafficked website in your portfolio because one out of every twenty five posts rankles you. I’m not Read more

Nov 1 2019

They just nuked a couple of commenter created refuge kinja sites for Splinter and Deadspin. Wouldn’t be surprised if all comments across kinja disappear within the coming days/weeks. Read more