3:15 PM

Regardless of the actual brand, I believe the correct answer is a “Palm pilot.”

11:05 AM

I would argue that the only reason why DiCaprio was famous (from a pop culture perspective) before Titanic was Romeo+Juliet. That’s it, that is the singular reason.  Obviously he existed and worked before then, but he was not someone that people cared about enough to talk about outside the fringes. Read more

4:00 PM

A modest stretch of deeper snow can be handled easily by any car you can name. You have to get a SUBSTANTIAL stretch of deeper snow before you have to pull out a proper SUV or a truck with a weighed-down box, and those cases will foil a relatively low CUV anyway. Read more

12:02 PM

Because sometimes these sort of movies might actually be good for people seeking something more than babysitting. E.g. The Lego Movie sounded dumb on paper, but when I read multiple good reviews, I made sure to see it. Conversely, The Emoji Movie got terrible reviews and I did not spend my time on it. Detective Read more

11:51 AM

It looks eyedroppered directly off the cover of a Tintin album.

9:20 AM

Robin is Kermit’s nephew. I expect that kind of mistake from the AV Club staff, but commenters should know better.

6:44 PM

It’s not really about holding up entertainment to “purity tests” - which is definitely a reference made mostly by people whose favorite gay jokes flopped at Thanksgiving but I’m not going to assume that’s you - but instead about examining changes in culture and shifting acceptance and what old entertainment can tell Read more

6:27 PM

Fun fact: The Audi EV is called the e-tron. étron is French for turd.

2:25 PM

I think that episode probably holds up ok, because the joke isn’t actually at the expense of gay men. The joke is that George and Jerry are insecure children. Read more

4:44 PM

Shit, I think we basically already pulled Keanu out of retirement (obviously not really retirement, but he was definitely at an age where most people probably didn’t expect him to start a new action franchise) for John Wick 1 due to collective nostalgia from people who grew up on his 90s action roles and The Matrix.

10:32 AM

HGTV is a soft place to land during the holidays since my siblings and I refuse to watch Fox News or the Hallmark channel and my mother doesn’t want to listen to anything with too many “swears.” Read more

10:14 AM

As somebody who has been looking for a house for 3 years(!) at this point, I blame HGTV for the rampant real estate speculation that’s killing the housing market for new buyers like myself. Homes that I can afford routinely go under contract within 72 hours by somebody willing to go over asking, and then they Read more

7:25 AM

I watched the fairly recent episodes of the construction/renovation of the Brady Bunch house, and it’s pretty incredible how close they got to replicating the house from the show. People from all over the country sent in old ‘70s shit they had lying around that matched the original decor, including this incredible Read more