Aug 1

It’s a bit like the old joke that a broken clock is right twice a day. Trump is evil but so is TikTok. We really don’t need it.

Jul 30

Exactly zero people want her imprisoned for being a shitty boss. The only person I’ve ever seen comparing her behavior to that of rapists and creeps in Hollywood (and also Jeffrey Epstein? So I guess we’re including all the monsters in the financial circuit?) is you. Read more

Jul 24

Are you saying 2009 cause of the Benz platform its based off of? The WK was 2005-2010 with the WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee released as a 2011 model.. Read more

Jul 24

Another year makes sense for a platform that has aged well and has increased in sales every single year since it came out in late summer 2010.. Read more

Jul 24

If it ain’t broke, keep throwing power at it until it does.

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Jul 24

So you're tellin me you can just PAY celebrities to say random shit? 

Jul 24

I think your critique of why it’s an Arnold model again is a bit ridiculous and not worth noting at all. Here’s an easy one for you, maybe it’s the only T800 they had lying around? That they were forced to send a T800 that looked like the model that had terrorized Sarah and wrecked havoc in Souther California a decade Read more

Jul 23

So the daughters save the universe, right?  Why else would the line be so unnecessarily vague.

Jul 22

The schools should stay closed, but this whole situation has really sucked for working parents. Schools have never been closed for more than a snow day or two in living memory. Two-income households need the schools open so the parents can focus on work, and need to keep both incomes to pay the mortgage and buy food. Read more

Jul 21

I know this isn’t very Jalop of me (brown manual diesel wagon and all), but why the F would anyone buy a diesel these days unless whatever country they are in heavily subsidized diesel fuel? If you want economical (and therefore you mostly drive with a light right foot), you can get a 1.5L turbo four engine that still Read more

Jul 18

The USFS doesn’t “hunt” Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a valued ally of the Forestry Service and the USFS helps protect and hide Bigfoot. This is all made clear by the secret Forestry Pact Addendums signed by Teddy Roosevelt when he created the National Parks.

Jul 17

It took me to the third paragraph to realize this movie didn’t have a big red dog in it.

Jul 17

That’s one of the reasons I’m not fond of the American term ‘Native Americans’. I prefer (and my indigenous friends prefer) First Nations. (I’m in Canada, there are differences). Read more

Jul 17

When did this fucking comment section become reddit? Take that shit somewhere people will be impressed by how “edgy” you are bro.

Jul 16

Is it NOT the case that everyone’s aware of the delightful McMansion Hell?