May 29

I have to admit I was kinda hoping that Jason would find that the grille, door handles, and headlights/taillights were just decals. Nice to see that it’s close to as-advertised though!

May 29

I paid less than this for a nicer example of the exact same car back in 2012. Same color, trim, everything except a light gray interior with 78,000 miles. I loved that car. Even when I traded it in in 2015 for a leftover Honda Insight, they gave me $5200 for trade in, so I gotta say... its a little bit crack pipe.

May 27

I had a friend send me this listing. I instantly thought of Fancy Kristen. Thanks for the laugh. I miss Fancy Kristen. Even if she wouldn't categorize me as human.

May 1

Your lease isn’t with the dealership. It’s with the leasing company which is usually the financial arm of whatever brand you are leasing. We are turning in my wife’s (terrible) Nissan Murano in next month. If the dealership doesn’t take it, I’ll be parking the car in the dealer’s lot, putting the keys on the manager’s Read more

Apr 30

How did everyone miss the obvious choice? RWD? Convertible? Back seat? Auto? California? Find a Wrangler that meets your budget as your first “California car”. You’ll meet all sorts of like-minded Jeepy people. It’s not an easy vehicle, but it’s probably an experience unlike any other for you to enjoy at least for a

Apr 30

I don’t want to rain on your parade (because it hardly ever rains here), but California has a secret: Nobody drives a convertible. Sure, CHiPs and Entourage will have you believe that it’s nonstop ragtop, but in reality convertibles are for rental cars and people who just moved here from Minnesota. See, once you’re

Apr 30

That’s what I was thinking, it’s probably about due for it’s mandated headgasket replacement. So if you just need transportation you would probably be better off buying a used Toyota or Honda for the same price. At least then it’s likely to be from this side of the year 2000.