Jan 15 2016

Honda S2000. Waaaaaay under budget, and you’ll stay under budget through the years because it’s a Honda. There are numerous unmolested model available in the price range. For example...

Dec 14 2015

I love how everyone just berated you for not reading the article when you clearly stated “BEFORE going to the dealership NO MATTER WHAT THE SALESMAN SAID.” You clearly read the article and responded appropriately. Didn’t anyone take the time to read your comment?

Jul 23 2015

To be fair it does look pretty much like an EVO 10. This coming from a Subaru owner.

Aug 8 2014

That is so trippy to me. I hear people like you say things like "I don't buy nice sunglasses because I always lose or break them in a week." I hear it all the time. It blows my mind. How about you try not losing $300 earbuds? It's not like saying "I can't run a half marathon because I am out of shape." Instead you're Read more

Aug 7 2014

That is not how government works.
This is how government works.
Just rent some members of congress and then things will happen.

Jul 19 2014

For me the answer was and still is the Focus ST but the smaller Fiesta was still fun at the Octane Academy