Maxima Speed
Sep 21
DOTS: Quirky Edition

Is this factory? Looks like a factory level paint job if its not. Anyways looks cool and fits with the Juke’s

Sep 18
DOTS: Oh my word!!!

Noticed this today and snapped a pic as ive never seen a widebody hellcat charger before. Then as we drove directly

Sep 10
VW Jetta wisdom needed

Need some help. Have a friend with a 2000 Jetta 2.0 automatic. She is having issues with transmission, car dying at

Sep 1
Bought a thing

2012 Mac Pro. Excited to beef it up and start doing cool things with it. Pretty good deal for $30 bucks.

Aug 7
Damage Report: Not Good

Speaking to a mechanic today to see if they will do it. I honestly want to mess with it as i dont have a lift and

Aug 4
What a way to end a day

Slick spot coming home after date night tonight. Slid off the road and completely wrecked the steering arm, de

Aug 4
Couples Cars!

Saturday I officially sold my 2004 Solara to my girlfriend for $1. Delivered to her on Sunday. She is so excited

Jul 4
V-22 Osprey flyover

I live in the country, way out in the sticks. I hear a deep rumbling of turbine engines and rotors, come out side

Jun 27
Oppocycle refresh

New tires (briefly tested) and mounted cleats with riding shoes. Needs cleaned up and chain lubricated. Ordering