Matty V
May 28 2017

News: “Military” doesn’t mean superhero and their gear isn’t magic.

Mar 29 2017

For that price, I’d much rather have my 4-year old daughter’s Walrus-Car

Dec 8 2016

They are waiting for the Bugatti Chiron Edition The Edition

Nov 28 2016

As someone who sells both new and used vehicles at a high-volume Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership I would say that is a conservative figure.

Oct 20 2016

IIRC I swear I read somewhere that the new Wrangler wouldn’t have a folding windshield, because so few people actually used it. I think it also had to do with crash worthiness. Then again, if you ask my wife, I remember shit that never happened so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Oct 7 2016

Move closer to work.

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Oct 7 2016

Olds intrigue, Grand Prix, Civic/Accord, Acura CL (firstgen), Solara, Prelude, 318ci compact, protoge5, Focus, neon, sentra SER, infiniti g20,