Matty V
May 28 2017

News: “Military” doesn’t mean superhero and their gear isn’t magic.

Dec 8 2016

They are waiting for the Bugatti Chiron Edition The Edition

Nov 28 2016

As someone who sells both new and used vehicles at a high-volume Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership I would say that is a conservative figure.

Jul 1 2016

This is why we need fully automated bikes. There are too many injuries and deaths due to people who are in control of bicycles. It’s dangerous to them and dangerous to others. No more humans in control of bikes. Read more

Jun 4 2016

I don't know if anyone could ever love an Allroad. If they do, they haven't owned one yet

Jan 22 2016

... I had to double check where you said you were from since you weren’t using freedom units to measure temperature.

Jul 9 2015

Actually, he was born Bruce Sipowiczniak. But as a kid, he grew enamored with the Bourne Identity film series and was always trying to get the other kids to call him “Jason”. Their failure to cooperate led to Bruce’s later need to start fires. After a failed attempt at graduating college, young Bruce decided to pack Read more

Jan 7 2013

When I installed new flooring in my kitchen and living room, I left a nice piece of artwork under the underlayment.