Matt Urban
Mar 5 2018

No goal posts were moved. You as ever think you can redefine what other people write as you see fit. When they simply assume* you’re honestly misunderstanding and explain it you make the accusation the goal posts were moved. Reality isn’t what you want to make it or pretend it to be and I’m not going to be bullied Read more

Mar 4 2018

Just build a good 4 link suspension. Here’s a calculator some amazing people at Pirate 4x4 put together a years ago. Read more

Dec 25 2017

Come on...a NASCAR motor sounds 10x as nasty as that. Also ~900 HP, but NA and 9,000+ rpm. I don’t watch cup racing, but those things are insane.

Aug 30 2017

yeah F1 is a mad house relatively. WEC is absolutely fantastic how open it is. GA covers pretty much all you’ll need/want.

Apr 26 2017

My honest opinion is the earth makes this stuff. I bet it is some sort of by-product of something going on under the crust. I HIGHLY doubt it’s from juices of billions of years ago.

Jan 5 2017

Whenever the staff at a Japanese restaurant shouts their greeting as I enter I return it with: “Don’t... Get... ELIMINATED!!!”

Nov 21 2016

King Of The Hammers is certainly more spectator friendly, and there are a LOT of fans clustered in a tight area, but I personally don’t think Ultra4 is quite on par with SCORE as far as household name status yet. They might be close though.

Sep 23 2016

Americans are too used to close racing. F1 is interesting from a technological standpoint but the racing itself is pretty boring. Read more

Aug 31 2016

I thought they solved the problem of people watching Top Gear illegally by firing Clarkson and hiring Chris Evans.

Aug 16 2016

Many think Edsels are ugly, but I don’t, and I like them............a lot!

Feb 24 2016

This applies to road cars too. Everything rode so much nicer before the unnecessary monster wheel and rubber band tire fad took over.

Dec 11 2015

Is that like...half race boat-half racecar featuring very tall, very skinny wheels?

Sep 2 2015

Low on Jalopnik magnitude, but converted my truck from 2wd to 4wd.

Aug 13 2015

Excellent to see that Toyota has begun to step up their game with the off-road capabilities of the compact truck here in the U.S.

Now only if the rugged, globally proven, and iconic 70 Series Land Cruiser could find a home in the U.S. market, life would be complete.