Jan 23 2016

Sorry to break it to you but NYC, which is what you were referring to, is not where it says NY on that map.

Jun 8 2015

E92/E93 328 as well (I didn’t see your post when I made my redundant one)

May 29 2015

are they not 2 different generation cars, not one a facelift of the other?

Apr 16 2015

I wish he'd done that on the Enterprise too....instead of making it look like a giant iPad.

Apr 3 2015

I have the best shot ever from New Zealand. I learned the dangers of filming rally cars the hard way, and as Alex Kelsey in his MC2 came by at about 100 mph sideways, I was filiming slow-mo from my iphone, standing on a 3 foot burm. a softball-sized rock shot up off his rear tire and hit me directly in the left nut at Read more

Mar 29 2015

Hmmm, she would make a good transformed She Hulk if Marvel ever wants to do a live action adaptation, no CGI needed. Well, maybe to make her appear taller, but all she needs is Gomora's green makeup and she's good to go.

Mar 23 2015

I've been driving a battery-only i3 for almost 3 months and I can attest, as a long-time BMW owner, it's a terrific car.