5/13/21 12:57PM

The only reason this accomplished anything is because people are extraordinarily stupid. It would have been just a couple days’ delay on fuel shipments, but a million braindead hillbillies ran out and hoarded all the gas away, despite being told over and over again that any disruption would be resolved in a few days. Read more

5/13/21 12:37PM

I’d be curious to know what (if any) government support/relief was provided/promised. I’m a little concerned about the “too big to fail” vibes: It absolutely should be on the company to ensure proper cybersecurity, and I’d hate for the taxpayer to be on the hook (again) for the lack of due diligence on the part of the Read more

5/13/21 12:37PM

I will never stop being surprised by the amateur hour antics of IT departments that handle security for essential infrastructure. My home network has better security and more regular data backups than these companies, and the most crucial thing I do on my network is troll the BaT auction comments.

5/12/21 10:09AM

What the article is say is that the real problem is people. If the last year has taught us anything, people are always the problem. We cannot trust people to do what is right and what will be most beneficial to everyone because they are afraid, selfish, and dumb. Read more

5/11/21 12:53PM

Have you looked at the price of new cars in general? $40K is pretty mainstream. It may not be affordable to low-to-middle income folks, but it’s still where many new cars are selling. To be blunt, low-income people buy used cars (as do many not-so-low-income people. I’ve been driving the same used 2008 for over a Read more

5/10/21 2:50PM

The tax credit is there because the market was deciding and the market’s decision posed an existential threat to the world.” Read more

5/10/21 12:38PM

I don’t disagree with your premise, but on the other hand the more EVs sold overall will contribute to the prices coming down (or making lower-priced models more feasible) as the technology becomes more mainstream/large scale. So if the tax rebate does move more luxury EVs, then that (in theory) should help the tech Read more

5/10/21 12:32PM

you mean like putting out cars that only meet the EPA fuel mileage if they are ran within the very specific parameters of the EPA test?

5/10/21 12:30PM

The cap sends the wrong message to automotive manufacturers. It literally penalizes them for selling too many of the vehicles that they are supposed to be incentivized to sell. Like good job for doing the thing we wanted you to do now we are going to take away your ability to be competitive.

5/10/21 12:27PM

Why? PHEVs offer far more emissions savings per battery cell. And in a battery limited world - they are a better solution. We currently live in a battery limited world. We should encourage the best solution. Right now that is PHEV. 

5/10/21 12:02PM

I don’t know enough about the direct subsidies/tax breaks the oil industry gets so I won’t speak to it. But the implicity subsidies you mentioned, aka the negative externalities - that part is HUGE. It’s a massive unpriced component of our current energy consumption that absolutely deserves to be factored in. And as Read more

5/10/21 11:27AM

The subsidy should have never been tied to the OEM. If that is what the feds wanted, then the subsidy should have been given to the OEM, not the buyer, to reduce the buy in costs. However, we know that a handout from the government to an OEM would have never dropped the price of the EV, just allowed the OEM to make Read more

5/03/21 4:34PM

The Volt absolutely babies its battery. Rick mentioned with his Leafs never letting it charge over 80% or deplete under 20%; the first gen Volt does exactly that. A “full charge” still has a lot of headroom, and “depleted” to start running on ICE is around 20%. The 2nd gen, in addition to its larger battery, decreases Read more

5/03/21 1:41PM

You seem to have forgotten that the purpose of the Keystone XL pipeline was to take oil to port cities for export... 

5/02/21 3:26PM

The key in that sentence is “when it comes to the very basics.” The exterior look and power systems are unchanged across the board.

5/02/21 1:02PM

You ignored the qualifier in the sentence. “when it comes to the very basics.” But this isn't about the sentence? Is it?