Matthew in PDX
Jun 26

Traffic enforcement in NYC should be done entirely by camera. I hate speed/red light cameras as much as the next guy, but there’s no safe way to patrol in NYC without creating a dangerous situation that wreaks havoc on traffic patterns and pedestrian/biker safety. 

Jun 19

because about 40% of this country has the emotional maturity of a toddler. 

Jun 9

Maybe they’ll pay for it with money stolen via civil forfeiture robberies.

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Jun 8

Police have had un-Constitutional unrestricted assets confiscation for decades. This also includes assets destruction. Read more

Jun 8

Yeah - I hope they get a bill from all the insurance companies at a minimum.

Jun 8

This is always the argument they use to justify shooting every dog they see.

Jun 8

If police can destroy private property because it could be used as a weapon, then they can destroy pretty much anything they want. Th argument is absurd on its face. Hopefully Minneapolis will be paying to have these tires replaced and identifying and firing these officers.

May 21

Level 3 seems totally useless if you have access to overnight charging. If you’re parked there all night, why do you need 25kW?

May 11

It’s Canada. They asked politely and said please, so the driver really had no other option.

Apr 16

It’s the dealers. fault 100%.

Most people buy the car on the lot. The dealers want to sell of their stock. So they want to have 1 car that will sell to almost anyone who walks on the lot.

If you have 10 purple,10 red,and 10 green cars etc,that’s great....but when you only have 6 purple cars left you have to sit on that Read more

Apr 12

I lived in a town home complex with an HOA that had been pretty chill about parking rules for a long time. Every house was given a hang tag to park a car in the limited spots we had. There was tons of street parking and most people garaged vehicles so its not like there was constant battles for parking. Rarely did I Read more

Apr 2

I worked construction (heavy highway) for years and most guys drove late model sedans. Like 95%. the guys that drove trucks were usually foreman or supervisors that drove company trucks. The laborers, operators, masons, mostly drove 8-12 year old sedans and SUVs.

Apr 2

Fair point... but not THAT many people need trucks for their job. Go look in my company parking lot. None of those people need trucks. Holy crap there are a lot. Quad cab platinum, king ranch, ram cummins deisel. These people all sit on their ass all day. Read more

Apr 2

People who do tough dirty work for a living NEED a chrome-plated, $57,000 Sierra HD? Hmmmmm