Apr 11

The dick pattern proves nothing. The GPS tracks are quite misleading as they only show the position and movement of the ship’s GPS receiver, not the actual positioning of the ship itself. As an example, here’s the direction the ship was actually pointing relative to the GPS track as the shaft of the penis started being

Apr 9

Nixon’s gun bill was signed in 1968. About a year after Black Panthers started getting photographed legally carrying firearms and about three years after the Watts Riots set off a lot of similar race and class heavy urban civil conflicts.
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Apr 5

Pretty much the whole comment section here reads like “Ok, but Titanfall 3 please!”

Apr 5

Good, that’s good and all, but I can’t be the only one who’d rather have more ACTUAL Titanfall instead.
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Apr 1

Had the white asshat thrashed around and screamed, “Help, he’s trying to kill me” as the police came around the corner, I suspect it would have ended with the Black dude dead.

Mar 31

There’s another clip of him on the Graham Norton show, probably from the same day as the Amy Adams clip, where everyone’s having a jovial time about Cavill’s nickname as a kid, “Fat Cavill,” and then there’s Russell Crowe telling a story about meeting him when he was student—it’s actually a sweet story—and maybe I’m Read more

Mar 31

He is also Geralt of Rivia now. Henry Cavill’s nerd cred is unimpeachable.

Mar 30

An Israeli moving into someone else’s space without permission? Surely you jest.

Mar 30

Eh, think I’d not really be down with people posting pics of me from high school without my consent, being that I was a super awkward teen and all. People have complicated relationships with their high school selves and what might look like a perfectly nice photo to an outsider might trigger a lot of painful feelings Read more

Mar 30

I watched the clip, whoa Gal Gadot. I understand maybe some cultural differences in touching maybe? But keep it in your pants lady.

Mar 17

Sadly, it seems like a large minority of Americans don’t really see the problem with Fascism, making Vendetta a complicated marketing proposition even today.

Mar 11

we looked at a study we barely understand and decided everything we do is terrible but we have no actual solutions for our readers Read more

Mar 11

“we looked at a study we barely understand and decided everything we do is terrible but we have no actual solutions for our readers who obviously aren’t making these corporation’s decisions, but you should still feel bad about things beyond your control anyway because maybe you buy shoes Read more

Mar 10

Reminds me of how Danny Trejo got cast in Predators. In the script, the character Cuchillo was described as “a guy who looks like Danny Trejo.” When Danny Trejo heard this, he called Robert Rodriguez and said, “hey, I heard there’s a guy in the script for ‘Predators’ who looks just like Danny Trejo, and guess what, I Read more

Mar 8

“I am tired of Earth. Of these people. Of holding Natalie Portman over my head for extended periods of time. It makes my arms sore. It is an hour ago. I am also holding Natalie Portman aloft at this time.”