This is the only question I care about in relation to this article. Someone please explain this man’s pants to me. Read more

As a child in the early 80's, I had a Ken doll, but my cousin *Sarah did not. Her parents didn’t want her playing with a naked man doll, you see. Read more

Flip your phone so the screen is horizontal. The wider screen makes the text readable for me, anyway.  Read more

Same on my phone. Try flipping it horizontally so your screen is wider; it worked for me. Read more

Because in his mind, there are only two kinds of people: Read more

I know nothing about the scene, but I’m assuming that in a city the size of NYC, it would be pretty easy to find and build consensual relationships with women who were into kink. He’s definitely OK with paying for sex, so he also could have found sex workers who are into kink. It seems to me that he’s specifically Read more

Thanks for sharing this video. I ended up watching the whole thing, lots of interesting info. Read more

Yeah, that stood out to me too. WTF? Read more

St. Peter doncha call me/ Cause I can't go/ I owe, I owe my soul/ To the company store. Read more

True, but in Sri Lanka, I would think first of a fundamentalist Buddhist group, such as Bodu Bala Sena. Read more

They're blaming a Muslim group? I would have assumed it was Bodu Bala Sena. Read more

You’re close! Hempen widow is right, but a caper merchant was a dance instructor.  Read more

Actually, he was born in prison (stone jug). His father was a dance instructor (caper merchant) who was hanged, making his mother a hemp widow, from the hemp rope used for hanging. Try “The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” it’s pretty entertaining! Read more

My grandma was Russian Mennonite and my grandpa was Swiss. Dad's side of the family is just mainstream Protestant though! Read more

I got a bunch of detergent boxes from Walmart when they were stocking shelves one night. Small and sturdy--perfect! Read more

I realize that internet pedantry is annoying and I swear I'm not a jerk, but I have to tell you you're missing a comma in your first paragraph between "porcupine " and "caribou." I only mention it because for a moment,  I imagined what a "porcupine caribou" would look like, and it was both terrifying and completely Read more