Thanks for the link to slice... in searching I found this: Pizza Monkey Bread. Time for a grocery store run for ingredients! Read more

I recently went to a department of labor workshop and was asked to do a mock interview with a panel of three in front of the workshop attendees. It was ridiculously nerve wracking to use microphones and be up on a stage, etc. This probably isn't available to most, but the experience was tremendously valuable when I Read more

I like Max... sometimes. Sometimes I'd like it to be just a little different. Like when I know the genre I want it to find me a movie that fits but then it doesn't suggest the genre I want = useless. Couple of tweaks here and there though would be nice. I think it's a solid addition - but, then again, I don't mind the Read more

Tip on buying Legos: Do the math! It's sounds odd, but calculating out the cost based on a per brick basis can sometimes provide some perspective on one set vs. another. I'll even provide the equation here: (Total number of bricks)/(Cost) = Number of bricks per dollar OR invert the equation to give the price per brick Read more

They can begin to smell bad if you don't leave the door open between loads. Since the front loaders door seals tightly, it's important to let the air flow when not in use. Read more

I used something recently when comparing two directories that printed to a text file. Pretty cumbersome all in all, but next time I'll try this one Read more

Yeah, family dining is for places appropriate for family dining. If I want to enjoy the meal/atmosphere it's definitely sitter time. Read more

As a math guy I'm giddy with the discussions here... geeze. That being said, it seems Casio and HP used to produce graphing calcs as well but the Casio ones in particular were a little more complicated to use than the TI equivalents. Read more

Just shared this out, thanks for posting Adam. Read more

Good camera taking posture there... I see you.

I used an app called Zeebox which integrated social media (Twitter) into the watching experience. I haven't used it since the superbowl but it was kind of a cool way to interact with others watching the same show. Read more

Sounds like an instructable waiting to happen Read more

Funny I had the exact same response only reversed. I switched from android because I hated "having" to tweak to max the potential of my phone and get newer versions of the OS well before it would be available from the manufacturer (read: Never). So, now I just use my iPhone and it works. Stuff does annoy me, but not Read more

Have to agree here. I hate not being able to see ALL the stuff. I don't want to watch TV on my computer when I've got a huge freakin' machine in my living room that surprisingly works great for TV! Still Hulu is great for recent shows since nearly everything else drags its feet. Read more

+1 for awesome. BTW, I detest birds. Read more

Did this back in the day with my HTC Hero - obsolete as soon as it was released - and managed to get considerably more use out of it. Plus, it's just fun playing with the custom roms out there. Read more