Jul 14

Two Door Base with Squatch package. Will wait a couple years for the recalls to pass and rebates to kick in...

Jun 17

I did this a year or so and realized that the buttery-like spread I was eating was nearly half oil, which offended my butter-loving heart.  So I stopped making/eating it and instead invested $1 in a nice ceramic butter dish to leave out on the counter with soft butter in it.  

Jun 17

Nah. It’s protectionism that is keeping this out of the US market. The chicken tax and gargantuan federalization costs are designed to stifle free trade and keep outsiders out.

Jun 11

I never understood the hate for these cars.

I had the opportunity to drive one a couple years ago, and it was fun if not blisteringly fast or beastly sounding. I honestly had a great time driving it around Eastern Kentucky back/mountain roads.
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Jan 4

Former Green Beret Highly Skilled at Difficult Extractions

Nov 4

A company like Superformance or Factory Five needs to get on making Pantera kits. Modern Mustang drivetrain with power steering and good brakes would be just about perfect. Read more

Oct 22

First of all, I don’t have a law degree, but the lawyer I spoke to for the article does, and he disputes your characterization of what the law is “supposed”to do (I read the law as well and think he’s got a point).
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Jul 3 2019

This. I have only owned GM trucks. I have owned four of them, and loved them all. I’m at 13 years and counting on my ‘06 Sierra, but if I were to buy a new truck now, it’d be an F-150. The new Silverado is HIDEOUS, and the GMC is very bleh. I like the way the Ram looks, but I am not prepared to trust FCA’s quality Read more

Jun 27 2019

I swipe a clean fork that is freshly wrapped in napkins on the table next to me.

Apr 26 2019

Id buy it in a heartbeat. I miss my '70. It had neither a rad overflow tank nor a temperature gauge so you can guess how it died.

Apr 26 2019

The space for a hardtop convertible would likely require a trunk, which would make the looks exponentially worse. 

Mar 29 2019

If the transaction is in person, it’s best to do it at a financial institution like a bank so that the buyer gives the check to the bank who can confirm it’s legit and then give you (the seller) the money. Money can also be wired as well if it’s a deal at a distance, but that can get tricky.

Feb 13 2019

Every time I drive to my parent’s house (184 miles) I try to set a person best record for the shortest drive time. I always try to beat the Waze/Google maps ETA. Read more

Jan 29 2019

My 96 Bronco had the rear window air deflector on the roof. Didn’t help at stoplights, but while moving, it would keep the exhaust gasses from getting sucked into the cabin.

Jan 15 2019

Exactly.  They tried to convince me with numbers.  I gave numbers right back.