The mayor was just polling the electorate.  Read more

I mean-- Hill having a relationship with the staffer before bringing them on payroll doesn’t exactly improve things it just changes which type of inappropriate sexual harassment/behavior she was engaged in.  Read more

As someone who works in academia, although currently a national research institute, I cannot put in to words how instantly infuriated I become by someone trying to excuse knowingly having sexual interactions with students of their college, even if they do not teach particular students. It is such a bad situation and Read more

See “Anthony Weiner”.  So yeah, they HAVE published accounts going after straight guys ... they do it all the time if you care to pay attention.
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What “different standard” is he being held to? Read more

It’s scary that he doesn’t see this as problematic behavior, but he is a politician.  None of them can be trusted, especially the dudes. Read more

I am simply highlighting the fact that I am being held to a different standard...” Read more

Framing criticism of his abuse of power as an attack on the LGBT community is cynical and downright dishonest. “Many members of the queer community that have reached out to me in” is much like Trump’s “a lot of people are saying”. Cowardly and designed to muddy the waters.
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“We are living through something truly unprecedented, and a lot of things about it don’t make sense. That’s unavoidable—it’s truly a new thing on this earth.” Read more

To answer your question, there is no such thing as a ‘natural evolution’ of a virus outside of nature because evolution is adaption to the environment, not a pre-specified route, or increase in complexity. Read more

These guys have never heard of Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” The government isn’t coming up with evil plans to kill everything — they are just incredibly fucking stupid. Read more

Yes, because hospitals charge more for treatments that require more resources. Hospitalized COVID-19 patients tend to be sicker and stay longer in the hospital than patients with other conditions. When Mikovits talks about Medicare giving hospitals $13,000 for COVID-19 patients, that’s not a gift or a bonus. It’s the Read more

Full disclosure: I believe Plandemic is indeed dangerous disinformation that needs to be debunked. But as an editor and skeptic, I often find myself fact-checking debunkers if something strikes me as too bad to be true. So we come to this statement about Children’s Health Defense (which is as far as I’ve read, so far): Read more

Typos in the “Plandemic” titles should be regarded as yellow flags as well. “Dr. Judy Mikovits PHD” is a particularly pomp-odd one. Read more

You need to clarify that Gilead actually gave away its entire stock of remdesivir to the public for free. Pharma doesn’t profit from this pandemic, it hurts them because fewer new people are prescribed drugs because no one is seeing their doctor. It's better PR to just give your drug away for a relatively short term Read more

If you follow the money, the Chinese are probably pushing this.  They’ve been very active pushing false information to get the narrative away from the pandemic being greatly their fault. Read more

The idea that hospitals are raking in money from COVID is insane and completely out of touch with reality. As the article says, the $13,000 paid by Medicare is the going rate for COVID treatment (and probably still doesn’t cover the hospital’s costs). Then let’s look at all of the income hospitals are losing because Read more

Funny, since everything after that point is where you lost all credibility. Read more

I have a few friends in this camp and I get it! It’s probably comforting to believe that there’s some rhyme or reason to this as opposed to the fact that terrible things happen in nature all the time and we’re figuring this out as we go along.
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