Why yes, execs have been on a free ride for too long and need to go... Read more

Well, I personally felt it was better than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Overall it was a passable movie and not as bad as it could’ve been. I remember an article before it was released in theaters saying the original cut was ridiculously longer. But I got the feeling there were a lot of scenes cut that contained Read more

I do wonder a bit why they didn’t CGI his voice along with the appearance in the flashback sequence. Seems like that would be the cheaper part of it.
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LOL, talk about over reaction.  You totally found what’s wrong with the internet... amazing. Read more

Then why did you click on a non tech story and even comment on it? The answer is because you don't come here for tech, you come here to bitch about things in the comments. At least that's what your actions say. You'll probably say something to the contrary but you know the old expression about actions and words.
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I doubt it will kill anything, but hopefully it will bring A.I. down to Earth and make it accessible as a set of tools, not “Make Finished Thing” buttons. Read more

I, Robot, the Will Smith film, was a completely unrelated film that ended up getting Asimov grafted onto it, and it was still a more faithful Asimov story than Apple TV’s Foundation. Read more

I know people say a lot of bad things about modern AVC, but this was an absolute A+ headline job, Schimkowitz. Read more

I don’t remember anything wrong with the opening scene, so my guess is no, you won’t like the rest of the movie, because the movie is pretty consistent overall in its approach from beginning to end. Read more

But didn’t Oher’s initial story confirm that he knew about the conservatorship all along? His claim is that they misled him into thinking it was the proper legal way to adopt a person who’s already an adult—which is exactly how the quote from his book characterizes it.
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Levi is exceptionally stupid. So there’s that. Read more

The point of strikes isn’t to carve out one little bit of the labor force until an agreement is met. The point of a strike is to grind the gears of the industry to force management back to the table. Because their labor is valuable. If that means fans don’t get access to a performer, speaking as a fan that’s a Read more

The problem with Genisys is that it was way too complicated for the movie it was, and not nearly smart enough to be the movie it wanted to be. Read more

Wasnt just gustin, it was almost the entire Crisis on Infinite Earths cast. Apparently they were fed up with Amell being an asshole on set and so they took these pictures.

The thing that gets me is why the hell live ammo was on set in the first place. Read more

I’m not mad at her, I actually like her, but I also remember things.
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“Activations” is a PR/ Marketing term. You don’t hear it because functioning humans with a soul don’t talk like that.

Lake Mungo is garbage. The entire movie literally nothing happens until one split second scene at the end of the film, which really isn’t scary. I was so pumped to see this and when we finally watched it I couldn’t believe the amount of hype this film movie had garnered.  Don’t waste your time with it.  Read more

This. Looks. Amazing. The Turtles have never looked better. The graphic style of the 3d is awesome...a real step up visually. Also, and more importantly, it looks like there is some really thoughtful character work going on here. For the first time the turtles themselves really seem to visually reflect their Read more