Marsh Naylor
Aug 1 2017

To be fair, that one went on for a long time. two volumes. The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves. The creators then wrote a note saying they were taking a break,. then they probably ran a way screaming. The art was very good.

Jul 31 2017

ill have to give that one a try, hoping to add it to the many great stories Iv read without a end, RIP the first work by the Bleach author , Zombie powder!

Jul 30 2017

my favorite korean one was “The Breaker” and its sequel. Pity those guys just stopped.

Jul 29 2017

Interesting read. Always a pleasure to see another Korean web comic on the horizen. My first introduction to web comics was “Tower of god”. Still to this day one of my absolute favorite artist and writer is SIU.

Jun 9 2017

I love manga and anime, I like to read and watch them but i don’t have confidence when it comes to writing. I like watching anime I already have many of them that I’ve been downloaded, romance or action the same in manga i almost read every genre in manga but i only read that have a good and touching stories.

Oct 26 2015

You guys put a lot of work into all of this, very impressive.