Wednesday 10:08AM

Both interiors and exteriors, that was the first thing that came to my mind.

6/14/21 3:04PM

On Coleman, they back their stuff up, I’ve warrantied a 250$ tent with them and the process was fairly easy.

6/14/21 1:47AM

As has been in the comments here, plan well and get/use a tent as much as possible when you don’t NEED a steel frame for shelter. Get something for shade, you’ll not regret that at all. Get your set up and breakdown times minimalist by making sure you pack and store stuff smartly.
Any of us who have RV lived or camped Read more

6/12/21 12:02AM

This boils down to, what I think, is a similar distaste we both have for garbage subterfuge and overthinking of the most basic and rudimentary of “unfuckwithable” mechanics. Don’t call input something else to be edgy or sell your AI, that is lazy and everyone wanted to go home at the end of the night when they decided Read more

6/11/21 7:51PM

I have books with hand drawn Mega Man code grids, the Punch Out codes, etc on top of the countless Nintendo Power mags.

6/11/21 7:33PM

This, this is the attitude I wish everyone had.
But if it were easy, everyone would do it, then it wouldn’t be “it”.

6/11/21 7:29PM

Hope my late vote squeaks this to a win, an XJS was quite literally my first “dream car” scanning the classified ads as a teenager.
The only things that stuck out were that body styling and the words V12, “HOW ARE THESE ATTAINABLE FOR ME IF I WORK FOR A FEW SUMMERS?”
Dad shot that idea down immediately, and I never got Read more

6/11/21 2:48PM

I’m just seriously bummed I don’t live in the region close enough to justify a quick trip, because 18 hours from Denver isn’t quite easy to rationalize same day.

6/11/21 10:47AM

Meeting unsanctioned in a Wal Mart parking lot is so on brand

6/11/21 10:38AM

Wheelbase length oddly! This is because I own a LWB 4 door hatchback and a SWB off roader, both very intentionally. The LWB car feels planted as hell with AWD (but parks like a truck) while the entry/departure/breakover angles on the SWB off roader are unmatched in a stock non Jeep rig.

6/10/21 10:38AM

Also half of us are over there commenting and reading anyways.

6/09/21 9:17PM

I didn’t know exactly and worded as such, I’m fairly certain that there isn’t a current version/analog of the platform I have, this would probably be the closest bet.

6/09/21 7:49PM

As an owner of what seems to have evolved into this 4, the 3 series GT, I gotta say that side profile is damn nice although it looks to cut out what was already not much headroom in the backseat. A nice 4 door hatch that hauls ass and AWD, those were my boxes, yup there’s a market.

6/09/21 12:10PM

I fondly remember tweaking all the macs in the library from Flying Toasters to Satori screen savers in my favorite color palettes back in the day.

6/09/21 10:58AM

You found an 4WD one! Nice.
The parts on the Delica side won’t be as hard with them getting really big these days, I see them in Colorado damn near monthly now. The camp stuff typically is modularesque and you can get aftermarket stuff to swap in for things like the fridge and other appliances that will fit. It might Read more

6/08/21 2:13PM

I don’t understand why someone would dump that much into restoring a Montero and not get the V6 or swap out, but with a manual and the shorty that is still plenty driveable.
But 10k holy crap! I wasn’t going to restore mine because it has some good character rust/nothing too bad, this makes it tempting to get it Read more

6/08/21 1:31PM

I agree, tasteful quality of life and capability modifications to get it up to solidly “blue trails” in the Funtreks 4 wheeling guides.

6/05/21 2:11PM

Keeping an eye on this, I am still planning on taking my cah to the track within the next year or so after I do the brakes myself and swap out fluid. A helmet is the only requirement and I have no idea about race helmets.