Mark - Sixpots None The Richer
Jul 31 2016
Oppo Changed My Life!

This isn’t just an update about the fate of my car. I also feel like sharing some rather important developments in

Mar 9 2016
The Beigeancy Is Onto Us

The Beigeancy made a critical mistake because I spotted one of their light tactical teams down the road. I don’t

Feb 18 2016
Good Night Oppo!

I saw this Ferrari at work a few hours ago. It’s parked in an (conference) hotel parking lot so I assume it’s there

Dec 30 2015
The Millenium Mobile

I watched Star Wars - TFA last night and wanted to share my initial thoughts on the Millenium Falcon with you guys.

Sep 1 2015
Fluff Pedal To The Metal!

I have a problem, Opponauts. My fluff pedal doesn’t work no matter how hard I step on it. I just hear some weird