Nov 1 2017
and 1 more

Hello, all. The last week has been a bit much. I’m trying to be good, but... yeah, I’m having big feelings and bad

Nov 1 2017
Good Morning
and 1 more

I’m going to assume that owl had as exciting an evening as I did and is still asleep.

May 2 2017
Toe dip

Some of you may remember (and most of you don’t care) that I got all pissy and left a while back, but the nice

Aug 5 2016
Comes a time.

There comes a time when a thing that was once yours isn’t yours anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just the

Jun 19 2016
Bluebirds Fly

I spent my entire Father’s Day (a day of requested/demanded solitude for me) learning to sing and play Bruddah Iz’s