There is a longpress option that makes this very easy so not sure what the issue is fir any potential reader of lifehacker Read more

Samless desktop/mobile sync. Read more

He can stop writing for websites that deal with his arch nemesis? Read more

So what has surveilance ands speakers have to do with shopping? Read more

I honestly don’t see what the surprise is here. Read more

Yeah, but poison is indiscriminate. Read more

This stinks of fraud and fake. Read more

I so hope this is true. Started with lore just recently, and it's awesome. Read more

Which is why we get articles like these that claim that google assistant is a smart home platform. Read more

I though everyone knew that cold brew is the best way :/ Read more

Most chefs today (well, most Ifollow, like Kenji and Meathead) say that dry cure is better than brine. Is it? Read more

Still not convinced i should do the “hard” extra step of straining. especially if i keep the fat in a portion sized smaller vessels and use them up within a week or two. Read more

Well i for one prefer this to other solutions. Read more

On 1st, I looks to me fairly obvious that otuward bending is far better in almost every way, other than scratch proofing. Read more

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American way: throw away everything, get new stuff. Read more