Dec 15

Don’t believe the lies of any company until they deliver the product and it is freely available to observe outside of their influence.

That’s why the reflexive “EA Bad” discourse is frustrating. EA has released shit products and propagated bad practices in the industry but they have also had developers release Read more

Nov 20

Carano and I don't see eye to eye politically and she and I could chat all day about it. She makes a great Cara Dune and I can separate the two.

Nov 19

Are you even old enough to know what happened in the 80s when Reagan was President? I lived them, it wasn’t so bad, however it wasn’t great either, but it was better than the Jimmy Carter days. Also as much as I dislike Activision/Blizzard I do not believe they went political about the game, unlike you in this Read more

Sep 25

Oh, we do.. Thankfully the majority of the country realizes it, and the people who are attempting it are not our best and brightest.

Sep 10

you may have noticed some of our sister sites have been given a similar treatment over the last few months Read more

Aug 31

I am an extrovert and I’m also of the belief that if you want something you have to work at it. So at one point earlier this year I was on Match, Bumble, Tinder, POF and Hinge. I will chat with a lot of people but it rarely turns to a date and then very often on the date, a man who is my age (40s) will inform me that Read more

Aug 12

I solved my Destiny 2 FOMO problem by quitting cold turkey. I finished the last season, watched The Almighty crash, then deleted D2 from all relevant devices when the new season started. Seeing stuff like this makes me feel like I made the right choice in my gaming life.  Read more

Jun 26

Jezebel article from yesterday: “Cancel Culture Still Isn’t Real” Read more

Jun 6

Hot take: The explosion is meant to signify the rate of progression in D2. My username checks out so this is semi-credible.

May 28

reading white liberals condemning the riots have been frustrating. black people have to constantly read and watch their community be horribly brutalized and straight up murdered, by those who swore to protect you no less. not only that, they have every single thing in life stacked against them. imagine having that Read more

Mar 19

Sorry, let me rephrase: go eat a bag of dicks, you hungry, hungry dick hippo.

Mar 18

Trust me. Give up on the movies and just watch The Mandalorian. You’ll be a Star Wars fan all over again.

Feb 14

Remember when new Bond films had great themes... I sadly don’t because all the themes while I’ve been alive have been rather meh. I mean Eilish’s is... alright but it seems pretty standard fare, pretty much the Sam Smith one without the teeth-grindingly bad high-pitched stuff he does.

Jan 7 2020

If a game or developer does not align with your politics and you feel strongly about it, then don’t buy the game. By all means, take a stand. Sign an online petition stating that you’re not buying the game because it fails to give equal representation to women. If you want to enact real change and enough people feel Read more