Mark Carlson
11:24 AM

It's been decided, MSI GeForce GTX660 Twin Frozr... $215 from Tigerdirect... whada yall think? Any downsides to MSI? Not sure of their reputation.

1:10 PM

I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my soon to be built, first, gaming rig. My main reason for interest is the massive amount I read about mods to games I play on my consoles, that sound cool and interesting. I've heard is the best place to go, but if you go to there are only a Read more

3:41 PM

Alright, finally pulled the trigger and bought myself some PC hardware, looking for input. I bought a barebones kit, and while I bought for price range, I don't want to skimp too much. It's my first foray into PC gaming, so I'm not all hyped about getting everything to run 60fps on max settings, just getting into it Read more

4:19 PM

Quick survey, anyone have (and like) the AMD FX 8120 in a system? I'm looking at you PC Master Race! And....... GO!

11:12 AM

So, I saw a Trials Evolution map made with South Park as a backdrop. I downloaded Trials Evolution Demo on Xbox... is it worth it for the full game. The demo gets me like 7 or 8 playable tracks with goals and 3 different bikes. Am I really going to get a bunch more with the full game? Anyone with experience in the Read more

3:12 PM

So... here's the deal. I'm trying to build my own gaming rig... when I say trying, I mean I haven't even started yet. Looking for opinions on case style (not looks, more ATX, MiniATX etc...) as well as best motherboard, power supply, memory and HDD manufacturers with good reputations for lasting a long time, I don't Read more

11:01 AM

Anyone have any tips for Borderlands 2. It sounds ridiculous, but it's wicked hard. Are there difficulty settings that can be adjusted? Just looking for tips in general.