Oct 10 2018

What would have been a better response by police than the statement they made? I guess they could’ve said, “Remember to continue to use due diligence you probably already use on a daily bases.” or “To everyone including men, please look out for suspicious individuals following or harassing women immediately report Read more

Aug 28 2018

I miss that guy’s videos. I wonder what happened to him in the end?

Oct 6 2017

Except this article isn’t about someone trying to make a living off the ad revenue of a video...

Sep 21 2017

I can’t even be mad at non-tender-headed people. Like, if your life is that blessed, then you go on staying blessed.

Sep 6 2017

next time just watch your fucking mouth

Sep 5 2017

I disagree. If you worked all your life to buy your kids an apartment building to run so they won’t have it as hard as you did, they shouldn’t have to pay a 90% tax after you’ve paid taxes for 50 years, that’s a fucking bullshit idea for broke motherfuckers.

Jun 9 2017

(looks at the comments....wishes this article would have been on The Root, leaves)

May 26 2017

You got a lot of baggage you’re projecting, bud.

Jan 20 2017

I’m currently reading “Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi and it is beautiful and lyrical—it writes about suffering without fetishizing it. If she prefers non-fiction, I’d recommend literally anything by Bee Wilson, a food writer for the Guardian.