Nov 24

Utah’s LDS territory, so it could be some more Book of Mormon. Better find an Urim, a Thummim, and a hat!

Nov 23

I can’t be the only one looking at that sketch and thinking Brotherhood of Steel right?

Nov 19

I think the Mongolia special was the best they’ve done in their careers honestly, but that’s mainly because I fucking loved Mongolia in that episode. 

Nov 19

I wached Seamen while I was on lockdown, fretting about job loss, wondering just how far behind my ASD son was going to fall because of all of the services he was missing due to school closure. Read more

Oct 29

Netflix needs more originals with The Office-sized back catalogs of episodes. Having 100 originals that are all cancelled after 10 episodes is just annoying and doesn’t inspire me to keep my subscription. 

Oct 21

In America, we look up at the big house on the hill and say, “Some day, I’ll be as rich as that bastard.”
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Oct 13

I’m guessing a 911 variant, without actually looking in to it at all...

Sep 24

Right? Or maybe a nice mixed drink. There are some really delicious options there. Of course, plenty of people just don’t like the taste of things. I myself don’t like the taste of coffee no matter what is put in it. And admittedly I get tired of the people who do triple takes when they learn that I don’t drink Read more

Sep 22

Yeah, it was basically just a refresh lottery.  I just got errors.

Sep 21

I don’t know. I mean, everyone complains about Xbox not having any great exclusives, those are some pretty popular titles to consider exclusives. Why would they release them on PS when these are titles that will draw people to your console?

Sep 14

“The interception of these counterfeit earbuds is a direct reflection of the vigilance and commitment to mission success by our CBP Officers daily,” -- Can’t argue with that.

Sep 11

<cribs basic design so I can develop it for an America's Cup contender>

Sep 10

If my shredder explodes or catches fire, isn’t it just doing a better job of protecting my privacy? Try to reassemble those diamond cuts now!

Sep 10

hey just wanted to say i love you jason and also, subsequently, fuck the haters·

i updated my bookmark to