Depends on when the yellow is gonna fall. Read more

Focus on the task at hand, take your mind off it. Read more

They all snore equally as loud. Read more

We do everything to not talk about it, so thank you for bringing it up! Read more

Aventador would be the best for me. Read more

Start in karting, work hard for some sponsorships, commit to it. Read more

Haven't been there myself, but understand the track has a lot of potential. There's a lot of construction and track improvements going on, everyone is working hard to make sure it'll be ready to go. Read more

They were supportive any way I wanted to go... I think. Read more

We could've used a full day yesterday, but we're pretty solid. We have a shot at winning. Read more

You can't afford to look away. Read more

Don't make me pick between my father and my grandfather. They're hard to pick between! Read more

Yeah I'll send you my wiring info and then we can partner up... Read more