Aug 21

Damn right, brother! Malaysia used to get all the fantasy castings from Matchbox, until the distributor decided to bring in the (fairly) recent cases. Now we occasionally get some new(ish) licensed cars hanging on pegs. Not a bad thing, considering we Malaysians have waited so long for newer MBX vehicles...

Aug 19

I believe they used ‘tan’ because the original gold didn’t translate well on the TV screens. Hence why they lightened the colour.

Jul 28 2019

Yeah, usually the Greenwood ‘Vettes, Chevy Monzas and the Porsche 935s will be left behind. They’re not the scalpers’ cars of choice. But this RWB 930 and the Nissan Skyline are the most sought after models. I was very very fortunate to buy it at my local TRU at retail prices rather than supporting the scalpers. A Read more

Jul 27 2019

Thanks a lot buddy! I thought the original colour of the wheels were not so striking, hence why I decided to give it a gold touch. It stands out much better now :) Read more

Jul 2 2019

Knowing Greenlight, they’ll keep reusing the same old toolings and keep plastering Falken or Gulf on EVERYTHING vehicle that they have. This poor Bronco looks weird and strangely WRONG

Jun 26 2019

Yeah dude, I agree that the first tooling wasn’t nice. Also the scale was big! 1:61 if I’m not wrong. But yes, the retooled version looks SICK! Might get one :) Read more

Jun 23 2019

YES! I did have the HW R30, but decided not to include it coz there wasn’t an R31. Here’s hoping that HW will make a replica of the ‘31 someday...

May 22 2019

That would be nice! But it’s alright; I’m not in a hurry to gather more McLarens at the time being. But thank you again for the offer!