Marc R
Aug 30

Hate to say this, but as an older person who is not white, I have a lot of reasons for refusing, in particular, a history of police encounters where it was clear I was being dealt with as a suspect for something as I went about my normal (non-criminal) day to day activities. I’ve been solidly a middle class software Read more

Feb 10 2016

Do keep in mind that when the US Navy last shot down an aircraft that was identified an “immediate threat” to one of its ships in the Persian Gulf, it turned out to be a Iran Air A300 airliner with 290 civilians on board, flying its normal scheduled route.

Jun 19 2015

There’s a lot of stuff in Mission to Mars that’s a buncha bullshit. Tornadoes on Mars? Read more

Jun 18 2015

Uh, no, Perlan II has not fizzled. What changed is that sponsorship and fabrication has been taken over by Airbus (you may have heard of them). Here is the new web site: Read more

Jan 14 2015

Not entirely applicable. Companies have used kites, rockets, balloons, RC aircraft, etc. for years. No pilot's license needed. Read more

Oct 24 2013

You got it backwards, actually. The test at Trinity was a plutonium implosion device, essentially the prototype of Fat Man. It was a highly complex theoretical design, and there was some skepticism that it would actually work. The Little Boy design was not tested prior to Hiroshima, as it was fairly clear that it Read more

Oct 4 2013

Yes, two alluring Amtrak trains already go from L.A. to Oakland, the Coast Starlight takes just under 12 hours on those rare occasions when it's not delayed, and the San Joaquin takes only 8 1/2 hours, but the first 3 of those hours are on a bus from Union Station to Bakersfield. Driving at legal speeds takes 5 1/2 Read more