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Yesterday 10:38PM

Listen, man. I love stupid movies like The Dead Next Door, Frankenhooker, and Psycho Goreman. I’m in no way highbrow.

But I just can’t stand watching later The Fast And The Furious films. They’ve got that sort of meathead bro kind of sheen to them, and I don’t get along well with that.

Yesterday 10:52AM

Though my home theater system is almost as good as a theater, there is still something special about watching a blockbuster on the big screen. With that being said, since I have never missed F&F movie, I will probably go see this in the theater even though it looks so incredibly over the top stupid and probably the Read more

Yesterday 8:17AM

He expects me to pay $58,777 but cant even get a single picture of the interior, frunk or engine bay? I’ve sold $2000 beater cars with waaaaay more pictures than this.
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Yesterday 8:16AM

Even with this low price, this Evora should probably be priced lower. (That factors in the current used car market being stratospheric.) In terms of price, this one is about $15,000 over where it needs to be. Read more

Tuesday 5:35PM

A couple of big pluses for the city bus are the lack of a third axle, which will cut maintenance and tire cost, and the low floor allows for a wheelchair ramp, whereas the coach needs a powered lift.

Tuesday 5:34PM

Right to Work is the second most duplicitously named bit of political maneuvering in my book, right after Citizen's United. Fuck you, the citizens are united that this is bullshit 

Tuesday 5:26PM

We ran a small fleet of city buses with the Series 50. It was the only bus engine in our fleet that I’ve ever seen fail outright. Read more

Tuesday 5:26PM

Western Canadian sales elusive indeed, I've never seen and RTS outside Wikipedia. They were still running two stroke New Looks in Saskatchewan until ~2015

Tuesday 5:16PM

Another term for Right To Work = Lame As Fuck.  Hate that right-wing shit.

Tuesday 5:15PM

Having driven coaches and transit buses back in the day for Northern Illinois University, they really are much better with automatics. 35' long clutch and throttle linkages do not make for snappy gearchanges. But if you can drive a stickshift bus with an air throttle smoothly, you can drive about anything. Read more

Tuesday 4:04PM

Unfortunately, early RTS-IIs were plagued with issues from engines that overheat and air-conditioners that failed to doors that won’t close.” Read more

Tuesday 3:50PM

HAHA I recognized that bus in an instant as one of the Aggie shuttle buses.  I live in College Station, home of Texas A&M and one of your former coworkers lol, so I am used to seeing those all over.  The minute I saw the maroon and grey I knew what it was.  I am kind of surprised how well they hold up considering it Read more

Tuesday 3:44PM

The moment I saw the photo, I thought “Texas A&M Bus!” I bet I’ve ridden in this bus. I bet some of my friends from college have driven it. Read more

Tuesday 3:10PM

I know that bus heads geek out on these. My only experience in one was when I was in college and the regional transit authority ran them on most routes. I though it was crazy noisy, the windows rattled like crazy, and the engine was always at screaming-level RPMs. But yeah, the A/C was good. The Gilligs and New Flyers Read more