Feb 23

Mad Mike is gone but the Earth is still a-round...

I’ll see myself out

Feb 11

The new paint scheme, like the administration itself, perfectly represents modern America: tacky, stupid, greedy and tasteless.

Feb 9

I’m rubber and you’re glue. Are you really that childish?

Feb 8

And do you really think that anyone watching it doesn’t realize it was edited? I mean, do you believe that viewers think she had multiple copies and just kept ripping the speech up after each of those parts of the address? Read more

Feb 8

You mean like the states that are trying to pass school sponsored prayer? That was banned by federal law.

Feb 8

Ok — I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you are not just trolling and give you a completely apolitical explanation: Read more

Feb 8

I remember when Tea Party people were saying that Obama wanted to be king and that they’d die before letting anyone in the White House do that. Read more

Feb 8

States rights are so important to republicans - LOL.  What a bunch of rat f*ckers.

Feb 8

It’s only going to get worse. Now emboldened, the pettiest administration in American history will start ramping up their retaliatory efforts against blue states.

Jan 31

The sexual predator screening I totally get and agree with. However, the part about “keeping minors off it” in the first place? There’s been a lot of that argument for many platforms recently, and I just don’t know what to say. It’s *literally not possible* to guarantee a user isn’t a minor, unless you do something Read more

Jan 29

Maybe part of the problem is that meat alternatives seem to be more expensive than real meat, so it’s hard to convince someone who isn’t already a vegetarian that they should pay more for it.

Jan 29

The problem with the Tim Hortons Beyond Meat Burgers wasn’t that they weren’t real meat, it was that a coffee shop (that is admittedly much more than a coffee shop for us Canadians) was making a burger. It was... not great. The most basic, uninteresting burger imaginable, with no sense of how a burger should be Read more